Fig nutrition facts.Top best 6 various informations.

 Benefits of Fig.

Fig nutrition facts. 

1) Due to enough lipa in figs, it will be beneficial for blood pressure (scurvy), blood circulation, haemorrhoids and anemia (anemia).

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2) Mixing of 2 figs of cinnamon with a mixture of candy (1 teaspoon juice+candy  half-cup spoon gram) is stopped the blood flow from the mouth. Three times a day, the juice of the figs will be eaten. Continuously  for 2 months.

3) 1 tablespoon of figs leaf 1 teaspoon of rice with sugar and if  its continue for 1 month after the hair is relieved.

  4) Mix the fig tree buds and mix it with candy water and eat well. Every two time  two spoons of sugar a day, mixing a little sugar, it will be beneficial for health. Eat like this for 45 days.

5) If you think your head is in headache,eating rice, then eat figs frozen without seed.Then you relief from headache.Continue for 2 months.

6) 1 cup of figs juice with 1 teaspoon honey and it will be beneficial for girls Diarrheal disease. Eat for 25 days.

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