Foods to avoid with high blood pressure.High blood pressure table.

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High blood pressure diet menu.

  High blood pressure diet chart.

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1) There is no fear of cholesterol while eating the egg except the kasum. The white part of the egg is full of protein. Therefore, heart experts say that eggs should be eaten for 2 days in 7 days. Heart patients should eat vegetables with egg.

2) Do not eat more than 3 grams of salt every day.
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3) Eat fresh vegetables.

4) Eat fresh fruit.

Eat special wheat and wheat flour.

5) Eating colic, because it contains Vitamin "E".

6) Soybean has a lot of protein, so it is very good for the body to eat.
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The amount of fat in chicken is very low. So you can eat chicken, but you must eat without bark.

Can eat leftover berry fat zero, but one can eat one day.

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